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About me (Sylvia) + 5 things I can’t do without as a breastfeeding mom

Greetings! I’m the other mama who contributes to this blog. My name is Sylvia, and I’m a mama of one.

Yes I know. Do the math: Tiffany’s 1 + 1 akan datang (coming soon) baby + my 4.5 month girl = 3. How did we end up with 4 in our blog name?
Don’t worry, all is under control! We thought 2 Mamas 4 Kids brings with it a double meaning that we’re happy to adopt. Firstly, we hope this blog will grow to be a platform of sharing among mamas. In time to come, we hope to share our mommy thoughts, kids activities, weaning recipes, travel tips and other mama stuff here; hence it’s TO Mamas FOR Kids. As for TWO Mamas FOUR Kids? Let’s just say it’s all in good faith that we (both Tiffany and I) will have more kids to add to our families as we blog away on this space!

Now back to me: I’m a stay-at-home mom to Allie, my bubbly 4.5 month old baby girl. When I’m not busy mothering, I’m usually cooking or baking away in the kitchen. Planning, preparing and executing a good meal or bake, gives my brain space to refocus, calm down and allows me time to straighten my thoughts. I love the sense of satisfaction that fills me when someone has something good to say about what I’ve made. 🙂

Back to my little girl.

Allie is a fully breastfed, direct-latch baby. The direct-latch bit was not planned; she just doesn’t take to bottles at this point (We’re still trying. Watch this space to see how it’ll go!). As a breastfeeding mom, I’ve gone through the ups and downs, breakthroughs and letdowns (ha!) that comes with being my baby’s sole source of food. So here are five items that make the journey a little more sane:

1. A good breast pump

I faced a good problem not too long into my breastfeeding journey- I had an oversupply of milk. With that, comes the pain of engorgement and possibility of mastitis. When Allie was just a few days old and couldn’t drink as much as I was producing, I depending a lot of my Medela Freestyle breast pumps to relieve the boobs from engorgement. Don’t save on pumps. Get a good electrical breast pump that will last you through the years.

2. The Baby Tracker App

Just search “baby tracker” on the App Store or Google Play and you will be directed to a free app you can download. This app allows you to time and track your feeds, note diaper changes, record sleep timings, chart growth, pen notes, snap photos, etc. Allie’s just over four months now and I still use this app to time her feeds. Not that I am particular about how many minutes she drinks, but it gives me an indication when she’ll next be hungry so I quickly get some work done around the house before that. The app also allows you to sync across multiple smart devices, so you can grab the tablet while the phone is charging, and the curious dad can take a peek at how your day has been while he’s at work.

3. Disposable breast pads

These are life savers! It saves you from having embarrassing milk patches on your top, and lowers the likelihood of you having wet bras that will stink of stale milk over the day (plus milk stains can be tough to wash off a white bra/top). I first started on washable breast pads, but soon realise I was leaking too much and the washable pads soaked through (hello again, wet shirt patches). So I started on the disposable kind. Whatever the brand (I’ve tried some Korean ones from online, Pigeon, Tolly Joy, Medela, Avent) they work! So just go with whatever your budget allows. Change them regularly, before they get too soggy or you’ll start leaking from under your boobs (and hello ugly wet shirt patches, again!) Be sure to carry some spares in the diaper bag.

4. Milk cloths. Lots of them.

Being an oversupply breastfeeding mom has its problems. The first being that spurting, fountain-like let-down that causes newborns to cry. Milk’s flowing too fast, baby’s crying because she’s hungry but there’s just too much to take for her to swallow, meanwhile your bra/top is soaking wet and milk’s going everywhere on your baby’s face, the bed/sofa. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight. That’s when a cloth (a spare muslin cloth or any absorbent face towel will do) will come in handy.

When I’m nursing my baby and feel a letdown coming, I’ll unlatch my baby, put the cloth over the nipple to catch all that spurting milk, then put it under the boob to catch any drips from the side of baby’s mouth. I did this till my supply has regulated. I’m happy to report that Allie has since stopped crying over spilled milk. (Couldn’t help it!)

5. A nursing cover

Yes, more shopping malls have been upgrading their baby changing room and making space for nursing rooms, but don’t count on them being available all the time.

When Allie was just one month old, my husband and I brought her out for a family dinner at Paragon Shopping Centre. Having researched and located where the nursing rooms in the mall were, we confidently went ahead with our dinner thinking we’ll just nurse her in an available nursing room when she’s hungry. No such luck. It turned out, Allie’s meal time coincided with a few other babies’! The nursing rooms were all occupied and God knows how long more the moms and their hungry babies will take.

Wailing baby + inexperienced mom & dad + worried extended family members who trailed us all the way to the toilets = mad panic, and I ended up feeding her in the handicapped toilet. (Thankfully for us, the cubicle was very clean.) By the time I was done feeding, my husband had already made a trip to Mothercare and bought us a nursing cover to prevent such situations from happening again. So be wise, buy one early, and bring it everywhere you go. Get one that’s of a good size that provide you good coverage, and boost your confidence to nurse in public. I’m currently using a Peek ‘n’ Drink nursing cover by Pupsik Studio.
So there you go, now you’ve learnt a little about me! Thank you for joining Tiffany and me on this little blogging journey, and we hope you’ll find something here that’ll edu-tain (educate + entertain) you!


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