Art and Crafts

Our First Painting

A few days ago, we decided to let C do some hand printing and sponge painting. I didn’t have the courage to handle the mess so daddy took over.

We used non-toxic paints from Crayola. For hand printing, we used an ice cream stick to spread a generous amount of paint on a piece of rough paper for C to pick up using her hands We made lots of hand prints and had a jolly good time! 


When we told C the painting was still wet, she proceeded to blow dry her work.

For sponge painting, we dissolved these sponge animals that we got from Daiso. $2 worth of fun!

I used hot boiling water so everything happened so quickly! You may like to dissolve in tap water to build some suspense, and teach your child the idea of waiting.  

Daddy painted some green grass and C printed the rest of the animals.  


As the paint was a little too thick, it became quite saturated on the sponge, which result in the blurred images. We are definitely trying this again after diluting the paints. 

To make cleaning up a little quicker, we stand by a wet cloth to wipe her hands before washing them. Other than that it was rather mess free. Mama shall try painting with C the next time round!


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