Mint Sniff Bottle

I have been wanting to introduce sensory bottles to Allie since forever, no thanks to the 10001 interesting things I’ve seen on Pinterest! When Allie turned 19 weeks, and is more awake, curious and is better able to grab things using her hands, I made her her first sensory sniff bottle. Yep, you heard it right, a sniff bottle. I figured Allie’s daily activities usually excite her sense of sight, hearing and touch the most. So I wanted to make something that will tickle and stimulate her little nose and her sense of smell!

A sniff bottle works well too because unlike the usual sensory bottles, it does not contain any water, thus making it lightweight and easy for Allie to bring it close to her face for a good sniff.
Sounds like a great plan huh? But I quickly found myself a problem: How do I punch small holes all over a recycled plastic bottle? I’ll cut the chase, save you the trouble and tell you how I did it:

  1. Remove labels on bottle (I used a mineral bottle I got from BreadTalk.)
  2.  Turn on the stove
  3. Heat up the end of a metal chopstick (or a screwdriver with a Philips head) over the fire for 5-8 seconds
  4. Place the hot chopstick/screwdriver on the spot you would like to create a hole and hold it firmly in place
  5. Let the heat from the hot chopstick/screwdriver melt away a nice circle hole in the bottle
  6. Repeat steps as desired.

Now that I’ve got the bottle ready, what should I put in it? A quick walk down the herb and veg aisle at the supermarket led me to a fresh pack of mint, so mint it is! (Rosemary & lemongrass are next on the list!) 
Did you know that the aroma of mint can facilitate digestion, and is a quick and effective remedy for nausea? The aroma of mint has also been proven to clear up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs, which gives relief for respiratory disorders that often result from asthma and the common cold. (Thank you Google!)
So here we go! Allie’s first sensory bottle!


I filled the bottle with some pipe cleaners, bells (for sounds) and some beads to act as agitators. As mint is a soft herb, it gives off the most smell when it is gently bruised.

I was pleasantly surprised when Allie lifted the bottle off the table and pull it close to her nose! (Or maybe she was trying to put it in her mouth? Haha.) The smell of mint was gentle and refreshing.

She played with and fiddled with it long enough for me to have my breakfast, and I get nice whiffs of mint while sipping on my hot tea. Nice.

I put the bottle in the fridge so the mint could last a little longer, and took the bottle out again in the afternoon. Allie clearly appreciated having been a chilled bottle to hold on a warm and humid afternoon.


So there you have it, Allie’s first sensory bottle! Can’t wait to make her another one soon!


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