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Dairy Folks – Milk from a Local Farm

Previous, I shared about offering C UHT full cream milk instead of formula milk. As much as we are comfortable with that, we are also looking for better milk options.

Why better milk options?
You see, UHT milk is milk that has undergone ultra high temperature to kill off any bacteria in it, hence the long shelf life. This also minus off the some of the nutrients and enzymes in milk itself that are required to digest the casein which is indigestible. Then again, a lot of the organic milk that are available in Singapore have gone through UHT too. For convenience sake, UHT is okay.

Fresh milk? Full Cream Milk?
This article was very informative on what are the different types of milk and milk jargons. Before you decide on what milk to offer to your toddler, you might like to read up a little more on the milk jargons. After a mini research, I conclude that fresh milk is a general term that refers to milk that is non UHT, needs to be refrigerated, with a best-before date within 1 week plus or shorter. There are full cream fresh milk, low fat fresh milk etc.  There many variations of what goes, or does not goes, into the milk. So it’s important to read the labels properly.

On the other hand, full cream milk (aka full fat milk, regular milk) is milk that contains about 3-3.5% butterfat. It can be homogenised, which is an additional process that spreads the fat content evenly throughout the milk. It can also be non-homogenised, which you can tell by the creamy fat layer sitting on top, like chilled breastmilk.

Disclaimer: this is purely how I interpret these two milk jargons. I am also not sponsored by Dairy Folks. I am writing based on my experiences. 

So what is a better option for us? 
It has to be milk (real milk), hormone- and antibiotic-free. I am exploring the option of offering fresh milk, since it doesn’t goes through UHT and well, non-homogenized if possible as well. Organic milk is way too expensive, so whatever we decided on has to be within our budget. The family currently enjoys Meiji Fresh Milk. We follow a general guideline as follows:



What have we decided on?
Before I share with you what we have decided on, I found this article  which provides a great summary on the milk brands available in Singapore.

I found out about Dairy Folks form the same article and decided to read up a little more about them. It meets most of my requirements: real milk, hormone and antibiotic free, full cream (because no fats removed), single pasteurization (which is fine to me. Remove bacteria and all right), not homogenized (YAY!), feed with grass and cows living in Singapore are really additional bonus. You can’t really go wrong with food stuff in Singapore with its stringent rules and such.

It is almost twice the amount we pay for Meiji but we can make do with it for now. We are currently trying it out and see how it goes. It is not sold at supermarkets but delivery is free for orders SGD20 and above. Since the family enjoys fresh milk, we can share with C, so that we can chalk up the orders and qualify for free delivery. And support local at the same time!

The milk from Dairy Folks comes from Holstein Freistein cows, which produces A1 milk. I have also read about the debate between A1 and A2 milk. I wouldn’t go into that over here but it might be a piece of useful information to some mummies.

What I really enjoy about the milk is that it is creamy but without the milk taste like the full cream UHT ones. C even enjoys it chilled. Yay! No more heating up of milk! While it may also take some planning ahead of ensure a constant supply for fresh milk, we have also figured out the delivery days for our area and worked out a plan. We just have to be home to receive the milk. Now I wished Dairy Folks may consider a form of milk subscription of some sort!


*Originally posted on Sew What?



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