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A Little Activity Corner

The husband and I had a massive spring cleaning session and tidied up a small activity corner for C over the Good Friday weekend. While she is fine with playing at the living room on the floor, making play doughs with me at our dining table, we realised that she doesn’t really have a dedicated space of her own, unlike at her grandparents’. At 20mo, we are also planning to introduce her to doodling (as suggested by the nurse who follows up on her developmental milestones due to being a premmie) and simple crafting (after we have seen how she enjoys it with her friend in church). We didn’t want to buy something extensive (like the Trofast storage system) and find it not being able to fit our new place. Hence we made do with the space we have.

This space isn’t entirely new. We shifted the bookshelf from our study, to be placed on the coffee table when we reconfigured the living room to make more space for the little human. We keep our books, some of her toys, post shower kit (oils, powder etc), diapers, wet tissue etc. Her shoes (kept in a box) and everything else used to pile on top of that space in front for the shelf. So we tidied up the space, rearranged some stuff and bought a couple of new items from IKEA. 

IKEA is our life saver. We have been using the Samla bin to store her books, toys and sensory bin/play dough stuff. I must admit the collection has been growing and it doesn’t make sense to be buying more bins.

We decided to make use of our current space and add on some items that we can also bring over to our new place. We bought the Raskog Trolley to store our art and craft items, the Socker plant pots for our pens, straws and such, the Glis storage box for the smaller craft materials like feathers and pompoms, the Box divider from the Variera series for organizing, and Mamut chair so that C has somewhere to sit (but it looks like she prefers standing for now). We already had the Poang arm chair (it’s actually the husband’s), which she uses to wear her shoes before we go out, or to sit there and read/chill.

The Raskog trolley is such a useful item. I have been eying it for a while and now I brought one home! I love how it can be wheeled around the house and tucked away nearly in a corner when not needed. There are plenty of ideas online on how to use the trolley in your home! It was purchased to store our art and craft materials. I decided to put the colouring, ice cream sticks, straws and pipe cleaners at the second level to make them more accessible for C, and the smaller/messier items (beads, glitter etc) on the top layer. The bottom layer contains her playdough and activity kit. The idea is to make materials accessible to encourage independent play. She can help herself to her colour pencils, papers etc whenever, and to keep the messier items that requires adult supervision away for now. The level is also ideal to encourage C to keep the materials after use.

We also attached some hooks at the side of the book shelf to hang her bag and the water wow kit.


While her books, building blocks and random toys goes onto the shelf, her sensory bin and play dough parts goes into the same IKEA bin below our sofa.   

Since she has this little space, she has been helping herself with the materials for doodling, playing with play doughs and her toys on her own. She doodles and colours when we reach home while the adults unpack, or when we are cooking. Sometimes she runs up and down between her work station and us to show us things or asks for help. It’s really quite a joy to watch her being engaged in her self directed play. 


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