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Paper Bag Owl Puppet


Since our visit to the Jurong Bird Park, C has been able to recognize the owl in books and almost everywhere. So I thought making an owl would be a good start on our crafting adventures. I did a quick search on owl craft ideas and decided on a paper bag puppet from Iheartcraftythings.

I took the opportunity to build up our crafting materials from Daiso. So all the materials, except for glue stick and scissors, can be bought from Daiso. I had intended to make the exact same one from the tutorial (I thought the tracing of hand part might be pretty fun for C since she has been requesting for that) but found the doily too big for the paper bag. I also do not have the circle and scallop edge punch.  Hence I made some modifications and am sharing what I did.

To make a pair of paper bag owl puppet, you will need:

  • 2 brown paper bags (I bought the smaller size which fits C’s hand better)
  • Doily paper (I found some leftover from our wedding deco which were from Daiso)
  • Washi tapes and self adhesive lace tapes (I selected lace tape to provide a different texture)
  • Coloured paper in yellow and pink (depending on your colour theme)
  • Paper punch in flower shape (or any other shape)
  • Googly eyes sticker
  • Glue stick and scissors
  1. Cut out small triangles for the beak and ears.
  2. Cut the doily in half. One half for each owl.
  3. Decorate the dolly with the tapes and glue it on the paper bag right below the base.
  4. Punch out the backing for the eyes with the paper punch. Attach the googly eyes.
  5. Glue the rest of the parts accordingly.
  6. Voila! Paper bag owl puppet is done!


And to go with her current obsession with owl, our favourite bedtime storybook is now The Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na.

I would highly recommend visiting the Jurong Bird Park to see the owls in action. Rebecca from simpleasthatblog has compiled a list of 24 Cute and Cuddly Owl Books for Kids. And here are other books related to owls:


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