An Icy Cold Ocean Sensory Bin

Singapore has been plagued by really warm weather these days due to a couple geographical phenomenon. And to make play time at home a little more fun (and to cool down the heat), C and I put together an ice cold ocean sensory bin.

We gathered a few containers, coloured the water blue, threw in our ocean toys and send them into the freezer. I laid a towel and placed the bin while she was napping, as a set up for invitation to play.


The bin kept her occupied for almost an hour and she got better acquainted with shark, crab, lobster, turtle, stingray, ice, blue, cold, wet.   

She also enjoyed scooping and transferring with the corals, as cups.

Half way through the play, she requested to step into the bin! She also wanted to sit inside the bin and join the other animals and I promised her that at the end of the play.

She had so much fun that I had to change the towel for another round of play! There were a couple of times when C got really excited and started to walk around, switched position and she did slipped a couple of times. If I could arrange for a non-slip surface for such water play, I can definitely leave her to play independently while I get some chores/stuff done.


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