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What To Do With Gifted Flowers?

I love flowers! They are beautiful, they are colourful and simply brightens up any dull day. I had tons of flowers (not the elaborate kind) at my wedding. Flowers for birthdays, anniversary or no reason will definitely be nice!

The best bud gifted a lovely bouquet of yellow tulips. They did fine at the air-conditioned ward but was showing first signs of withering after a couple days at home. So I decided to make use of the flowers before they brown and dry. Make use = toys for C! Here’s what I did:

1. Set up an invitation to play 

Just look at the colours! Still vibrant and inviting. There are endless possibilities of learning to this set of play. You can do colours, parts of flowers, types of flowers, textures (when fresh and dried), smell of flowers, practise fine motor skills and whatever your little human takes you to.

C had 2 rounds of fun with the set up. After she played with the flowers for the first time, I left them as it is. She came back in the evening for more. We had baby conversations about colours, tulips, how tulip smell like, leaves, flowers while C explored with textures and pull the flowers apart.


2. Pasting craft 

After C had torn and pulled apart some of the flowers, it was left on her play table for a couple days. By this time, they have dried up a little and we decided to do some random pasting on the brown wrapping paper that came with the bouquet. See, nothing goes to waste!

We used non-toxic glue stick, which didn’t work quite well for this project. We allowed C to coat the brown paper with a good amount of glue before she paste the flower parts on it. The parts didn’t stick very well. We figured that white craft glue or contact paper of some sort might work better. We will touch up the project and might just frame it up at our new place.

3. Olivia from A Crafty Living has some other 5 brilliant ideas on activities for kids to do with dying flowers!

That said, I’m sure many mothers will be gifted flowers today. While some may feel that it is a “wasteful” and non-lasting gift, we’ve already got some ideas for you to maximize the flowers that you receive! And for me? Great excuse for flowers for no reasons!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mamas out there!!! 🌹


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