Art and Crafts

Painting with Lemons

What else can you do with those lemon peels after making a pitcher of lemonade? While we usually use it to wash the dirty and greasy wash cloths, we used it to paint this time round – an activity inspired by A Crafty Living.

To make things a little less messy at home, we headed to the park to paint, as part of our picnic. I packed the lemon, some paints, a container for water and palette and a sketch book into our picnic bag. While C and daddy went to the water playground, I set up an invitation to paint. 

She started painting with her fingers,   
before having a jolly good time with the lemon, tearing them apart. Then she proceeded to experiment painting with the lemons. 

The lemon slice didn’t work too well (as in printing) with the paints as it is still wet but it created some interesting texture.IMG_4737

The half lemons were great as a circle stencil. We also encouraged C to trace the circle with her fingers after printing them with the lemons.

When we asked C what she painted, she told us it’s a boat!



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