A visit to Pasir Ris Public Library

I first got to know of the revamped Pasir Ris library @White Sands just a week or so after giving birth. I don’t know if it was the boredom I felt while doing my postpartum confinement, or the interesting write up and pictures I saw on the papers; but this library became one of the first places I wanted to explore once I was done with my month-long confinement.

I made my maiden visit to this library just when Allie was about 3 months old, with the help of the hubby. I knew within our first 5 minutes in, that I have to come back again! This library was as what the papers promised- a focus on children books, with comfortable reading areas and little nooks for parents to read with their children. Perhaps I haven’t visited the library in a while. Or perhaps, this library is really different from the others I’ve been.

First thing I notice was how low the shelves were. And also, the books were mostly front-facing so young children can easily browse through them.

Books were very well categorised, making it easy even on our first visit to locate books that might be appropriate for Allie.

There’s plenty of books and plenty of space to sit and read. I felt like a kid in a candy shop! Allie probably wasn’t too pleased that we left her there for a moment while we “wah” and “whoa” and the beautiful space.

And look at this- there’s even a space for pram parking right beside the low shelves with books recommended for young children! How cool is that!

On the other side of the library are where all the adult fiction books, magazine, newspapers were. I took a quick look at the space and found a carpeted glass room that has an overhead projector in it. I imagine this space to be a reading room to kindergarteners, and for the library’s other acticities. Right beside the glass room is this:

An almost open amphitheatre style steps right beside the wide floor-to-ceiling glass windows. There are seat cushions available if you need them. Gosh. I wanted to pluck a book off the shelf and just find corner to read already! But of course, that was not to be as Allie started to wail and we had to head out of the library quickly to not disturb the others. I didn’t manage to explore the upper floor, which is an area dedicated to teenagers. I saw quite a couple of secondary school students making their way up, so I’m assuming there are study tables there or something.

My next trip to the library was about a month later. This time, it was just Allie and me. (Thank God for the good public transport system in Singapore!) I manage to put together a quick video of the trip- I thought it’s the best way to show you the place. So here it is! Please pardon the amateurish video editing- I was still trying out the new video editing app!

So there you have it, another reason to travel down to the not-so-far East of Singapore! Bring your kids on a little day trip down- I think you both will appreciate the open reading space and wide variety of children books available.


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