Off to the Library! (#1)

Hey there! So I dropped by Pasir Ris Public Library the other day and managed to pick out some books for Allie while she was soundly asleep in the carrier. There was a wide array of children books available and I didn’t take very long before deciding on these five books. Let me share with you what I borrowed:

Peek-a-boo Miffy, Dick Bruna (Published by Simon & Schuster)

Allie totally loves this book! In fact this book made it to Allie’s top 5. I like how the text are all on the left side page, just simple black text on white background, leaving the right for the lift-and-flap peek-a-boo picture. This makes it easy for Allie to know where to look when I flip the page. 

The content is simple enough for a baby, introducing different characters holding different items. (grandpa with a present, mummy with a laundry basket, etc.) Allie likes to grab the flap once I open it. 

Thankfully the book is of good make and doesn’t tear easily. I’d say this is a good book for 2 months old and up.

Baby Sparkle: Funny Faces, by DK publishing

Babies imitate the facial expressions they see. Allie has learnt how to smile, stick out her tongue and blow raspberries (not all at once of course!) by imitating and looking at us do it. With that in mind, I decided on this book filled with babies wearing different facial expressions. However, it didn’t work like I wanted it to- Allie wasn’t interested in the baby pictures (is it because they aren’t Asian? Hm…) and I wasn’t very impressed by the almost-baby-talk texts. Glittered and colored patterns, slightly textured backgrounds… A few bookshops trips and more comparisons later, I made up my mind to steer clear from DK’s Baby Sparkle series. I’ll leave you to do your research and make your own judgment.

That’s Not My Meerkat (Usborne touchy-feely books), Usborne Publishing

Of course I had to borrow a book from the well-know Usbourne’s “That’s not my…” series. There were lots to choose from at the library. I saw “reindeer”, “puppy”, “kitten”, “donkey”. “Fairy”, “duck”, “robot”, just to name a few, but decided on the meerkat because… It appeared to be the least borrowed out of the lot and hence was in better condition. Like picking apples at the supermarket, I rationalised that since Allie was too young to tell the animals apart and the main point was the book was to let her touch and experience to different textures, I might as well go with something that’s cleaner and new. But the kiasi Singaporean part in me made sure I wiped the book down with anti-bacterial disinfectant when we got home anyway. The lengths a mom would go to keep her child safe.

So yes, books from this series are a must-have! Allie loved touching the pages. It’s the first book I wildly encouraged her to touch instead of just looking at the pictures. After reading this book, Allie now has her hands all over the pages whenever we read, “scratching” the pages, searching for things to feel. Looks like she enjoys touchy-feely books! 

These books are good from birth up and might make a good gift for a baby’s first month celebration.

Hush Little Polar Bear, Jeff Mack

It’s a good book. Board material pages, beautiful illustrations, pretty colours, nice rhyming texts. The story speaks of a polar bear drifting off to sleep and dreaming up a wondrous adventure of exciting places and activities before finding himself in bed beside the reader of this book.

I appreciated the concept of the story and feel it’ll be a plus for parents who have a polar bear plush toy ready at home for their kid. (It’s like the story happened for real to the child.)

It would have been a beautiful book to read before bed if not that the story was too long for Allie’s attention span! I should have known better. Will I recommend this book? Yes! But maybe for children 2 years and up, or at least when they have longer attention span and can comprehend the story.

Tummy Time (Baby Touch), Ladybird

First up, though it folds up like a book, this isn’t quite a book you can read. When you put the flaps of the book down, you’ll quickly realise this book is good material for a baby’s tummy time.

 Tie the two strings of the book together, and you’ll get a 360° book with three different segments that’ll allow babies ample to look and touch (textured surfaces) during their tummy time.

As a mom, I like how I can open up this book on the playmat and simply rotate it to change a “scene” when Allie gets bored. Allie enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with me through a little window hole of the book. 

It’s a good book to introduce colours and textures to babies and a good distraction tool to lengthen their tummy time. This book is good from birth up and will definitely make an interesting and surprising gift to a new mom and her baby.

So there you have it, the books from Allie’s first library trip. I’m hoping I can work out a schedule to head down to borrow more books regularly with Allie. Hope this inspires you to check out your neighbourhood library soon!

Click here if you need more persuasion as to why you should read to you child!


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