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Herbs Sensory Bins

While we were holidaying in Australia last December, I assembled two sensory bins/bowls to keep C entertained. Why sensory bins? We needed something to keep C occupied and away from the kitchen while daddy prepared breakfast/dinner. And it was too chilly to play outside in the garden. Most of our accommodations have a beautiful garden with different herbs and plants so it was extremely convenient to gather some items for the bin.  Since all our accommodations came with a fully equipped kitchen, it wasn’t tough to gather a large bowl and a few spoons/scoops. Besides they cater for young children so there are always bowls and cutleries for children.

I put together 2 bowls, on 2 different occasions. Both consists of herbs from the garden, but 1 with rice as the base and 1 without base. The herbs are so fragrant and definitely adds to the smell dimension of the play.

The Yalingup Sensory Bowl, as I call it, is made up of lavender, rosemary, pine, kafir lime leaves, a few shells and random stones with rice as the base. She enjoyed scooping, transferring, smelling, exploring with texture and ‘eating’. 



The Balingup Sensory Bowl is made up of lavender, rosemary, coriander flower, basil and a sweet smelling rose without a base. This didn’t keep her as occupied as she didn’t have a medium to scoop and transfer. Nonetheless, the smells and textures kept her going for some time. I also offered her the spoon and small bowl later into the play so that she can learn to touch and play with the items first before scooping and such.



I wrote about our itinerary during the trip which we enjoyed tremendously as a family. For mummies (and possibly daddies) who are planning a family holiday, I would highly recommend Perth and surrounds! Pop by over on the other side to find out what we did over there!


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