Off to the Library! (#2)

I might just be starting a blog series here, with the books we borrow from our trips to the library! Let me know what you think and whether you’ll like me to continue writing about what I borrow for Allie from the library.

Books from the National Library are due three weeks from the date they’ve been borrowed out. Though there is the option of renewing the books online, I have decided to let the books’ due date serve as good reminders for me to make trips down to the library. (Some form of forced discipline?) Besides, a little adventure out of the house with the little one is always welcomed when you’re a stay-at-home-mom. (That is, if baby behaves. There are times I feel I live at the mercy of my 6mo’s mood!)

So here’s what we borrowed this time round:

I try to keep my borrows for Allie to just five books though I have a borrowing limit of ten. I feel the introduction of 5 books every 3 weeks to be just nice. The last thing I want to do is to overdo the borrowing and kill Allie’s interest in books. There are benefits in re-reading the same books to a child. So yep, exercise moderation!

Allie was soundly asleep in the carrier when I went on this trip to the library. That allowed me more time to browse the books before deciding on what to borrow. However, the low shelves that work great for young children don’t work great for moms with babies strapped to their chests: I found myself shuffling between the shelves on my knees because standing and squatting between each book browse proved to be too much of a workout for my untoned body! (Maybe it’s high time I hit the gym!)

So here are the books I’ve borrowed and what I think of them:
1) The Finger Circus, Hervé Tullet

If you’ve not heard of this author’s name and not bought/borrowed any of his books, you should! Tullet’s creativity often make his books more than mere reading books by injecting an element of play into them. This increases the level of interaction between parent and child as they read flip the through the pages together and makes reading books fun.

This book, for example, comes with a little instruction at the back- to draw smiley faces on your index fingers before reading to your child. And here’s why!

Ta-daah!~ Meet my finger performers in the circus! Allie kept grabbing my fingers when I wiggle them as I read. It’s exactly the reaction I expected from her and so I’m happy with this book. Allie’s too young to care about the circus and its characters for now. Bold colours, wiggling fingers she can grab, that good enough for a 6 month old.

2) Twinkle, twinkle!, Amazing Baby

This book is simple enough for babies right up from birth. It contains cut outs of stars on every page, with the lyrics of “Twinkle twinkle little star” on them.

The cut out gets bigger with each page turn until you reach a big glittery star in the middle of the book.

It’s a nice little board book to encourage babies’ little brains to work. The bold colours, strong repetitive patterns, and the reflective glittery star was enough to keep Allie’s attention on the book through the read. I’d recommend this book for babies below one year old.
3) My Heart is Like A Zoo, Michael Hall

I’ll be honest with you- I love this book more than Allie does, and for a very good reason: The artwork is inspiring! All the animals in the book are formed out of heart shapes! Isn’t that cool? I’m not talking about pretty dainty paintings, I’m talking about the possible craft/learning activities you can bounce off from this book!

Imagine teaching your child a new shape (heart) and then recreating some of these animals using craft paper. You could flip through the pages and make kiddo practice his identification and counting skills by counting out the number of hearts used to form every animal. 

The words in the book has got a nice rhyme, and kids are bound to be tickled by the funny situations some animals get themselves into. Humour is always a plus in children books!

I might just return to borrow this book in time to come. Or maybe, it’s another book I can purchase and add to Allie’s growing library of books. Better another book than the iPad! 😉
4) That’s not my Hamster (Usborne touchy-feely books), Usborne Publishing

This isn’t the first book from Usbourne Publishing’s “That’s not my…” that we’ve borrowed. Allie liked the last book so much I decided I ought to borrow another one! This time I opted for the hamster book because it has really furry pages in it: obvious textural differences a baby can pick out.

Just like the last one, Allie loved this book. She would feel around (with my guidance and lead) the page until she finds a spot that’s furry, then she’ll repeatedly touch or slap the spot. She enjoys running her little fingers through the furry bits and attempts to grab them. (Oh dear. Why so I sense the impending doom of my timid dog? Good luck Muffy, Allie’s gonna learn to crawl soon, and you’ll be a moving target!)

If you haven’t borrowed a book from this series, you should.

5) Guess what? – Food, Yusuke Yonezu

Don’t you just love Japanese children books for their humour? This book is a classic example of it. You look at the pictures thinking they’re the same thing, and then you open flap and…


It’s nothing like you’ve imagine isn’t it? You got to give it to them for their creativity!

It’s a fun way to get children thinking creatively. A fun book to discuss, make guesses and describe similarities and difference.

Cheese into giraffe, carrots into a rabbit, and even a corn into a smiling crocodile! Gosh I need to get my hands on more of Yusuke Yonezu’s picture books!

So there you have it to, my borrows from the library. Till next time!


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