Going Out

A Visit to Animal Resort

Since we are not traveling this holiday, the husband and I decided to explore Singapore a little deeper. We googled about “places to visit in Singapore off the beaten path”, “visiting Singapore with a toddler” etc, just like how we are really visiting Singapore as tourists, except that we would have visited Singapore a million and one times. Haha. We decided on farm hopping and a couple of museum visits, with Animal Resort as our first stop.

Animal Resort is a small-scale farm where you can interact with farm animals. It houses a small family of horse, rabbits, guinea pigs, skinny pig, chickens, a family of geese, peafowl, marabou stork and lots of fishes. There is a dog training school within the farm and if you are lucky, you’ll be able see some dogs and puppies at the kennel. We didn’t manage to see all the animals but C had a jolly good time, especially with the horse!

Greeted by the horse before entering

Big smile for my favourite horse!
Feeding the horse




Crowned cane in the Cassowary enclosure
Casso-what? Cassowary

Feeding the many fishes



C couldn’t bear to say goodbye to the horsey!


Entrance to Animal Resort is free but if you would like to feed the animals, you would need to purchase the animal feeds from them for a nominal fee. If not, it’s perfectly fine if you just want to take a look at the animals and some photos.


There’s a wash area for cleaning after all the feeding, and a little rest area if you would like to purchase some drinks or snacks. I would highly recommend the use of insect repellent if you are visiting. If you have forgotten about it, not to worry, it is also available for sale at the food-for-animal stand.


Personally, I feel that it is an educational place to visit, especially to introduce your little humans to farm animals, without traveling out of the country. Not only do they can to see the animals, they are also allowed to feed the animals. We will definitely be visiting again! However we also felt that there can be more resources pumped in to improve its facilities. There is a rest area and a mini kitchen but the ‘cafe’ was non-functioning. If there are the rest area is done up a little more, with a functioning cafe that sells simple food and such, I am pretty sure the entire experience at Animal Resort will be even more pleasant. Animal Resort is located at Seletar Farmway, the north-eastern part of Singapore. You will need to drive to hire a cab (CALL for a cab on your way back) if you want to get to the farm as it is located quite a distance from the main road.

The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Opens 10am to 6pm


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