A Little Horse Sensory Bin

Since we visited the Rider’s Cafe a few weekends back, C has been galloping around the house. While waiting to get a seat, daddy brought her around the Bukit Timah Saddle Club to see the horses. She has since picked up the sound of horses when they walk: kick-kock, kick-kock. So I decided to put together a little horse sensory bin for her, as suggested by the husband.

This bin consists of the only 2 horses that we have from our toys, some fences and barn, with water besds as the base. I had intended to use oats but the oats had turned moudly.   IMG_5346IMG_5345

Quite a dreamy bin eh?

Well, for this round of bin, she was more interested in the water besds than the horses. Haha. So much a horse theme sensory bin! We hit some and miss some right? She had a really fun time exploring and feeling the water beads with her hands. She squeezed, she stirred.   


When the beads bounced off the bin, she went around the house to pick them up!  


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