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DIY Building Blocks

While shopping at Daiso (where Sylvia and I can deserve a platinum membership and could probably camp there all day) I came across these wooden blocks and was in the mood for some wood craft. I am not quite into wood craft other than the DIY cake topper for my wedding. That was actually my husband’s project. Anyways I bought a set of wooden blocks in different shapes and sizes to create some building blocks for C.

Hi Daiso, it would be nice if you can bring in some cylindrical and arch blocks too! 

 To DIY your own building blocks, you will need:

  • Wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes (I bought mine from Daiso)
  • Sandpaper (also from Daiso)
  • (Non-toxic) Permanent marker
  1. Use the sandpaper to smoothen any rough sides and edges on the wooden block.
  2. Decorate away using that permanent marker! I pinterest some images of “french windows” and copied some samples.

My drawings aren’t that fantastic (can’t even get a straight line) but I’m loving the organic look for the building blocks.

This particular wooden box from Daiso can also fit all the blocks in!


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