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Mashed potato with caramelised onions and salmon flakes

“What’s the point of making baby food so fancy? They’ll eat whatever you give them anyway.”

I believe in feeding my baby food I don’t mind eating. Apart from the initial introduction of pure purees (more as a method to test for food allergy), I think baby food should and can be as yummy and tasty as adult food, and this recipe is an example of that.

I wished I took more pictures while preparing this, but I didn’t. So let me try to keep the steps short! (read: wordy post ahead) The recipe really isn’t difficult. But if you’re skeptical or you believe that baby food should be bland and boring (there’s a commonplace for such believes), go ahead and give this post a miss. Because this yummilicious mash is good enough for mamas and papas too, with or without seasoning. That’s a plus, because you’re actually preparing a meal for your whole family! You can vary the portions and make it into a full entree too. Think pan-seared salmon, served with a side of caramelised onion mash potato. Heavenly.

“Can babies take onions?”

Of course they can! The rule is simple: if what you’re adding to your baby’s food comes from whole foods, they’re fine. That includes herbs, spices, garlic, onions, leeks, and so much more. These aromatics help enhance the flavour of food naturally, and can (and should!) be added to your babies diet in moderation. Onions contains natural sugars, and are a very good source of vitamin C and B6, iron, folate, and potassium. The manganese content in onions provides cold and flu relief with its anti-inflammatory abilities. However, onions are also one of those “gassy foods” moms are often told to lay off till babies are older. So if you’ve got a particularly colicky baby, you might want to delay the introduction till baby’s a year old. You might want to give this article a read and let it help you make a decision about adding “gassy foods” into your baby’s diet.

Back to the recipe. Here goes!

You’ll need:

• A medium-sized potato, peeled and roughly chopped

• a small fillet of salmon

• 1/2 a small onion, finely diced


  1. Steam or boil the potato for 20min. Drain the water and mash the potato to desired fineness.
  2. In a pan over medium flame, add 1 tsp of butter. Then add in the diced onions.
  3. Gently sautee the onions until they go soft and go a little brown (not charred). Caramelising onions causes its natural sugars to be released. Who needs seasoning? 😉
  4. Remove caramelised onions and whatever melted butter that’s in the pan. Place them in a small bowl.
  5. Using the same pan, lightly sear the salmon. The fish must be fully cooked. Transfer the salmon to a bowl and flake it with a fork to desired fineness.
  6. In a bowl, mix mash potatoes, caramelised onions and salmon together. Done.

If you’re feeding this to younger baby (as I am), you might wish to thin down the mash with some vegetable stock, milk or even water.

Made too much? This is a recipe you can portion and freeze! (Hallelujah!) Just leave out the water/milk, and thin it down only when you warm it up to feed the next time.

Ps: I ended up eating the extras I made. That’s how yummy it is!


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