Growing Water Beads: A Magical Base for Sensory Bins

It was my first time home alone with two little humans and I decided to let C grow some water beads to keep her occupied. I do not know what took me so long to get started to grow them. It’s so much fun!  Thanks Sylvia! The ones we used for the horse themed sensory bin were from Daiso. They were also fun to play with but being able to grow them adds to the excitement! C was at this whole activity for about 1.5hrs and I could feed J peacefully in between.

Recipe for 1.5hrs (and more) of engagement and lots of fun: water beads, 2 containers, a scoop and lots of water! After I gathered the pails and such, I sat C down and instructed her to empty the water beads into the main container.

They are so tiny!

Then scoop in the water and wait for magic to happen!  

The beads started to expand, to a size big enough for C to feel and touch in the water.  

While observing C having fun, I must say that this part wasn’t expected at all. I was just expecting the beads to grow in one container. It doesn’t matter, as long as the beads grow!

Growing beads look a little like growing cells. Check out those grooves.

We revised the colours. C was picking out the colour I called out. This would be great suitable for older kids who are learning to sort colours. 

I told you the beads grow right? This was half of its potential maximum size.  

After about 2hours (we set them aside and went to cook dinner), they grew to the size of marbles!

Half a Samla-box-ful of fun! We will definitely be using them as part of our water beads sensory plays.

P.S. Check out this Night Sensory Bottle that Sylvia put together!


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