Art and Crafts

Egg Carton Flower Painting

One fine day, when the husband was clearing the cardboard egg cartons (he has a preference for them rather than the plastic ones), he decided to turn them into little art pieces with C. Yay to daddy projects! The idea came from the flower we painted at the Narional Museum over one of their family weekends.

To make a flower (in C’s words), the husband cut out the individual slots,

assembled the painting supplies and we are ready to go! We took the painting outdoor and created a make shift table using an ice box and a styrofoam box. Look who’s eager to start!  

Her best pose when requested for a photo with her artworks 😂

And presenting to you: egg carton flowers! 

We haven’t quite decide what to do with the flowers. We might use them as part of an artwork for the new home or get C to give them to C’s favourite people after sticking them to ice cream sticks. 


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