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Carrot and Ginger purée

Whenever Allie’s down for her nap, my mind goes in a thousand directions all at once. (And so do my hands and feet! There’s just so much you can do when the baby lets you! Haha.) One of those many things I find myself thinking about, is Allie’s food. By now she’s well acquainted with her first ten foods, tried rice porridge in homemade stocks, tried yoghurt, salmon & potatoes, honeydew, and even some small pieces of bread. I’m thankful she’s a good eater and not fussy with new flavours. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed, but I do hope she’ll continue to love food as we continue to explore new flavours together.

Apart from new ingredients, I’ve been thinking about introducing a new depth of flavour in Allie’s food by using aromatics, herbs and spices. Again, there are people who believe that baby food should be bland. So if you belong to that camp, move along. ‘Cos this mama’s going big on (natural) flavours! 😉 If you’re breastfeeding, do know that your baby is already tasting some herbs and spices through you. So it’s not entirely new to them. Beyond mere taste, many aromatics have good health benefits. Like in this case, ginger.

Ginger is one of the oldest medicinal herbs. Apart from the reasons Mom Junction has listed, ginger is also known to help relieve gassy tummies. The slight kick from ginger is great for warming the body, especially on a cold day. It’s also a mild way to introduce heat (as in chilli spicy heat) without causing harm to your bub’s gentle tummy.

The preparation of this is pretty similar to most purees. But just in case you need a guide here’s what I did.


  • 1 medium-sized carrot, peeled and chopped
  • Thumb-sized ginger, peeled.


  1. Steam carrots and ginger for 15 minutes, or until carrots have gone soft.
  2. Blend carrots & ginger together to desired fineness. Add a tad of water or vegetable stock if you find the purée too thick.
  3. Portion and freeze.

I love freezing and portioning purees. Don’t these pucks of goodness look pretty?

Don’t forget to write on the contents and date before adding them into your freezer library!


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