The Rainbow Fish Play Dough Kit

I love to use play dough as part of our follow up or introductory activity so that C has something to relate to. So for this week, I put together a play dough kit inspired by one of C’s current read: The Rainbow Fish! We love the book which teaches about selfishness and sharing, and the beautiful watercolour illustration.


For this kit, I halved one batch of our usual dough and kneaded in different amounts of blue colouring to make 2 different shades. The doughs are also scented with blueberry essence. There is also a rolling pin, fish cutters and mold, googly eyes and rhinestones in rainbow colours.


We (I) rolled (she’s more interested in thumping the dough with her hands), we kneaded, we cut out fish shapes and had fun decorating them with the eyes and rhinestones. This is also a kit that was planned to reinforce the colour blue that she picked up recently. We also revised some vocabulary that C knows: fish, swim, eyes, big, small, and the various colours of the rhinestones.

We also made fish prints with the cutter and mixed 2 doughs to make a very pretty ombré dough.


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