Baby Eats

What’s next after feeding baby her first 10 foods?

Previously, I’ve shared the first ten foods I’ve tried with Allie. In this post, I’ll share with you what you can do with the little library of frozen purée you now have on your freezer. Moms, this is when the fun begins! 🙂

Now that baby has cleared all ten foods, it’s really up to your creativity to mix and match them together to create interesting and palatable meals for your bub. Think about the meals you’ve eaten and the juices you’ve drank- what veg goes well with what and which fruits mix well together. If the apple puree’s on the tart side, balance it with something a little more sweet. Same for the blueberries. Too watery? Thicken it with some baby rice cereal. Likewise, thin it down with some water, milk or some homemade vegetable stock if the purée gets too thick. It’s really that simple. And trust me, baby’s unlikely to complain about your cooking.

Here’s 12 combinations you can consider:

A likely favourite for any baby! Sweet mushy banana meets slightly tart apple. Bananas are great for babies as they are easy on the stomach, controls diarrhoea, treats constipation, helps in reducing skin inflammation and improves urinary disorders. Not to forget, they’re really affordable and get be bought almost all year round. Frozen bananas make a wonderful base for adult smoothies too. Frozen bananas are a staple in my freezer.

Chicken. Yummy meat that’s high in iron (use the thighs and legs, not the breasts. Breast mear’s high in protein, not iron.), but not so yummy when it’s being puréed so much it’s like a dense puck of pâté. Consider thinning these down with stock or some warm water. I like the idea of introducing chicken- it’s like opening a whole new savoury world of foods instead of the usual sweeter fruits and veg. More savoury foods to come soon!

Spinach! Another high source of iron and fibre, which is crucial since mama’s milk drops in iron content past 6th month. And that extra fibre helps baby get going and transit from yellow poop to more solidly poop.x This one is a favourite of Allie’s! She chomps this down pretty fast. I’ll usually mix in some unsweetened full fat yoghurt to the leftovers and voila! It’s a new dish!

There you go, 12 easy combinations you can try. Most importantly, keep meal times fun for baby and stay positive mama!


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