Baby Eats

Cinnamon Apple Purée

Think apple pie for babies. The buttery crust will have to wait, but that warm and gooey cinnamon apple filling doesn’t. Without all that crazy amount of sugar, that is.

I’ve been thinking how else to introduce Allie to more flavours through the use of herbs and spices, and this one came quite naturally since we already have all the needed ingredients at home.

Among many of its other health benefits, cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and can help fight bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from that, cinnamon is just about he yummiest spice that has been around for centeries. Apple pie, churros, mulled wine, poached pear- they all have two things in common. Cinnamon & yummy.

Making this purée is really as simple as:

  1. A portion of apple purée +
  2. A dash of cinnamon powder +
  3. Some baby cereal (to thicken the purée mix)

This purée is good both cold or warm. I warmed it for Allie and she approves of it and chomped down everything in less than four minutes!

Just look at that happy face!

Have leftovers? Stir in some yoghurt and this becomes a “new” dish for baby.
Try it!


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