Chinese Books and One Recommended First Book

While I can find lots of resources on good English books online, I find this area lacking for Chinese books. Maybe I am too used to googling in English or maybe I’m just that lazy to plough through all the Chinese websites. And truth to be told, I am not very diligent in reading Chinese books to C due to the lack of books we have/borrowed. Even though we do speak to her in Mandarin, I leave the teaching part to my mom. So I figured that it’s time to play my part too, I was after all a Higher Chinese student in secondary school.

Where can I buy Chinese books?
After consulting a few book-loving mamas and thanks to the wonderful IG community, I came to know of Once Upon A Book Store (thanks Sylvia for introducing!), which features a specially curated collection of Chinese books for the little humans. Their online store is in English, which will help many English speaking parents to navigate through their recommendations. If you do not know where to start or which titles to get, let them know the age(s) and interests of the child(ren) you are buying the books for and they will send you a list of recommendations for you to take your pick! Books are nicely bubble wrapped for delivery and they offer free courier for purchases above S$60.

Stay tuned for something exciting with Once Upon A Bookstore!

How do I know which Chinese titles are good?
I noticed that many of the Chinese books are translated from various titles across different languages. No they are not pirated versions, but legally and beautifully translated ones. To quote some English books that has been translated, you have The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Usborne’s Peep Inside Series, a few of Hervé Tullet such as Press Here and Night and Day – A Book of Eye-Catching Opposites and a lot of other titles from other languages. What I enjoy about having these translated versions is that I can maximise the number of books/good titles that I can buy in both English and Chinese! I have yet to come across a good Chinese book in original title. I’ll definitely share if I do.

A Recommended First Book: 噼里啪啦玩具书 (by Warabe Kimika)

If your child can handle books with care, I would recommend these pop up books because they make reading so much more fun. Japanese are known to be geniuses in various fields and technology. They certainly do no fall behind in the entire operation behind pop up books. 噼里啪啦玩具书 is a series of pop up books that is small and full of surprises (in terms of pop up). Do not belittle its size, for the pop ups are very impressive, with different layers in a single pop up!

What I like in particular is that the size makes such a fun book so compact and portable! It doesn’t take up much space and weight in your already heavy diaper bag if you need some screen-free entertainment pre/post meal times or in anticipating of long waiting. It also comes nicely packaged in a box, which makes it easy to be wrapped up as a gift.

The first series comes in a set of 6 featuring topics on food, flowers and trees, insects, vehicles, animals, and the ocean. The second series comes in a set of 5 featuring the zoo, park, Christmas, circus and the aquarium.

The above recommendation and review are solely our personal opinions and we are not sponsored in any way. Why are we sharing? Becsuse #gotgoodthingsmustshare!


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