A Number Hide and Seek Sensory Bin

C surprised us one fine day when she attempted to count her toys. We didn’t teach her to count explicitly, just reciting of numbers especially counting down to wait. Maybe it’s time to get started on numeral literacy and counting. Don’t get me wrong I am not enforcing, just introducing.

So I gathered the number cutters and throw them into the bin of water beads that we grew. I knew C would be play with the beads so I hid the cutters amongst the beads so that she might just discover them while ploughing through the water beads.

We had planned to use this sensory to keep C engaged while the husband does his gardening. It turns out that our neighbors were gardening and I invited their daughter to play with us at the common corridor. Kampong much! I also grabbed two sheets of rough paper, wrote numbers 0 to 9 so that they can match the corresponding numbers they have found in the bin.  I am not expecting C to be able to match, at least she has somewhere meaningful to place the numbers she has found. She was really more interested in scooping and transferring the water beads than anything else. The main learning for C here is to pick out the numbers from the bin, which I will say out loud what number it is. She could match some of those that she can already recognize.


After a while, they decided that the water beads are more fun. And there you have a sensory bin that you can use to engage both an older and younger little human.


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