Coloured spaghetti sensory play

I’ve seen this activity floating on social media so much, I decided it’s high time to do it myself. I’ve read a couple of how-tos before and boldly decided to head into this activity without following a particular guide. And guess what? It turned out pretty alright! Allie was happy to feel, toss, eat and play for a good 15mins, and she would have gone on longer if not for my interference; I decided the pasta was getting too sticky/starchy and I couldn’t bear the mess since I wasn’t prepared to bath her right after this activity.

I eye-balled the portions (it’s pretty forgiving), but here’s a rough guide in case you need one:

  1. Cook some pasta (I chose spaghetti, but linguini would do just as well) according to packet instructions. I cooked enough for 1/2 an adult’s usual portion.
  2. When pasta is full cooked through (forget al dente, u need this fully cooked through for kiddo), strain the pasta and run them under cold tap water to stop the cooking. Then strain the pasta dry again.
  3. Add some food colouring and 2 tsp of water to each ziplock bag. I used 3 ziplock bags for 3 colours.
  4. Portion the pasta into each bag, zip up, and shake away!
  5. Let the pasta sit in the bag for at least a good 5-10min, then rinse them out with water to remove the excess food colouring.

And you’re done! What’s left to do is to transfer the pasta to a safe container for kiddo (or the high chair’s table) and plonk the curious kid in front of the pasta. Then just sit back and watch as your kid explores.

“What’s this bowl of long and oddly coloured slimey thing?”

“This unidentifiable object warrants a taste test. Hmm.. Pretty tasty.”

“It’s rubbery, slightly bouncey, it gets tangled in my fingers!”

“Yummy. Oh they break when I pull them apart.”

“This is fun!”

“Oh let’s throw them everywhere!”

“Done playing! Now let’s concentrate on eating this…” *omnomnom*

Mama thoughts:

I enjoyed seeing Allie get her fingers dirty, digging into the bowl and looking intently at the spaghetti as they get tangled between her fingers. She learnt she can easily get them all out by flinging her hand on the ground. She also tried to transfer them from hand to hand, and exercised her pincer grip when trying to pick up stray strands of spaghetti from the floor. I’ve not tried baby-led weaning and so letting her play with food is kinda a first for me. I was a little worried when the spaghetti started to break into smaller pieces and/or she was chewing on the longer strands in her mouth. It turned out fine and she managed to eat some pasta after playing too. The pasta got a little sticky after a bit of play. I’d add a little touch of olive oil to the pasta should I repeat this activity again in future.


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