Letter M

There were a few times when we passed by large signs and C recognized the letter “M”. We have not started on the whole alphabets learning so it came as a real surprise. Maybe we had McDonald’s a little too often. Haha. So we decided to start C with the ABCs.

I put together a Letter M discovery bag with items that started with M. I went through our mini collection of toys and picked out: monkey (book), moose, mouse, milk, macaron, matcha, melon, milo packet, M dough cutter and a mango scented dough. Here’s a list of alphabet objects that’s useful for such activity.

All of these goes into a McDonald’s takeaway bag which the husband saved from one of our drive thrus.

I also put the “food items” in the milk item to create another dimension of discovery. 

I placed the bag on her chair as an invitation-to-play.

We were at this activity for a good 15-20 minutes each time. We introduced each item as she picked them out. We also revised the names as she keeps her toys back in the paper bag.

While C was emptying the bag and showed no interest in the dough yet, I took it away and reintroduced it on a different occasion. We made letter Ms and had a mini matcha melon macaron party with the little mouse. 


The book that I included in the Letter M activity was a delightful read. Besides touching and feeling the different textures body parts of a monkey, there is a little mouse that appears on every page. Yay because M for mouse! We asked C to spot the mouse. She also shared the book with her little brother, which was quite an endearing sight to behold.

Besides this discovery bag, we also make use of our everyday happenings as learning and teaching opportunities about Letter M. We had mushrooms, mango, market, money, mouth, mama etc. I’ll leave the other details on food that starts with M in another post.
While setting up this discovery bag, I thought that it makes a lot of sense to introduce and teach the concept of ABCs after the little human is able recognize objects and items, or are learning to. If not it wouldn’t be meaningful learning to them. A for Apple, but what is an apple? In this discovery bag are items and objects that probably C is able to relate to.

Different parents probably would have different take on teaching ABCs: they are the first step to reading after all. Some may subscribe to early literacy. The earlier they read, the more they read, the more they know. Some others may lean towards the Finnish education system where they focused on play, which stimulates creative development and a curiosity for learning. In our family, we value the benefits of playing (daddy is way better at this) yet we don’t see any harm in early literacy. We would encourage and expose C to reading and words but not enforce them. If she gets it at 2yo, good. If not she has the next 4-5 years to figure them out. What is important is to make learning of these learning meaningful and not just plain memorizing. How many 2yos who can recite A-Z really know their ABCs?

With that, that’s not all to learning the Letter M. To follow up on this play session, we are also crafting and eating Letter M , which I will be sharing next!



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