WeRead Wednesdays: 偷偷看里面 (Usborne’s Peep Inside Series) and a giveaway!

Ever since C turned 1, our little library of English children’s book has grown significantly. The Usborne’s Peep Inside series has been on my wishlist for the longest time (you see, our collection of English children’s books is probably enough to start a mini library) and I was soooo elated to find the Chinese versions 偷偷看里面 from our favourite Chinese bookstore: Once Upon A Book Store.

The Peep Inside series was created by Usbrone specially for young toddlers. The lift-the-flap makes reading fun and allows little human to practise their hand-eye coordination. The texts continues after you lift the flaps, which makes the book easier to read as the words are not all in a single paragraph. The illustrations are so colourful! The die-cuts also creates depth in the illustrations. Best of all, they are board books, which makes them a little more durable in the seemingly destructive hands of little humans.  
 动物的家 (Animals’ Home) is my favourite among the three. It opens with a short comparison between farmed and wild animals’ home. It also provides description of the different homes and habitats featured: frogs in the pond, birds and squirrels on the tree, rabbits in their burrow, bee in the hives etc. I particularly enjoy that this title makes an attractive picture book, while the information about the various animals’ homes makes a very simple non-fiction book for young children. During the times I read with C, I was also intrigued by the many possibilities of sensory bin ideas based on each page (or 2-page spread).

动物园(Zoo) brings you to trip around the zoo, visiting the enclosures of the giraffe, elephant, butterfly, penguin, monkey, gorilla and parrots. It is definitely a fun book to read before/after a trip to the zoo with your little humans. By the way, it’s free entrance at the Singapore Zoo for children 3 and below!




农场(Farm) begins early in the morning at the henhouse, and brings you to your around a pretty extensive farm. This farm houses animals, has a wheat fields, orchard and their own at mini market. It is a very comprehensive introduction to farm animals and the activities that take place at the farm. This makes the top of my list of books about farm!




夜晚 (Night) is a delightful read that talks about various nocturnal activities. It begins with a rhetorical question – is everyone asleep? -before introducing the nocturnal animals and activities such as bakers baking for the next day, people traveling on an overnight train, road repairs etc. This provides a different perspective of time as some children may think that everyone else in the world goes to sleep at night too! I was one of them haha.



Here’s the good news!: in conjunction with Singapore’s very first National Reading Day on 3oth July, Once Upon A Bookstore  has kindly sponsored two books of the same series, 动物园(Zoo) and 动物的家 (Animals’ Home), for a giveaway to two of our readers! Each winner will receive either title. To take part, all you need to do is to:

  1. like 2mamas4kids FaceBook page
  2. like Once Upon A Bookstore FaceBook page
  3. tag a friend (or as many as you like!) on our giveaway post on Facebook. Each tag translates to an extra chance in the giveaway.

Giveaway ends on 25th July 2359 (GMT +8) and is open to all Singapore readers! What are you waiting for? Like us and tag a friend!



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