Off to the Library (#3): Books about Farm

Previously, I wrote about our farm visits in Singapore. So what comes next after (or before) a farm visit? While it is perfectly okay to visit a farm, get acquainted with the animals and that’s it, it would also be educational if there is a pre- and/or post activities to reinforce the entire learning experience at the farm.

These follow up activities don’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as reliving the experience through the countless photos that you have taken during the visit. This is something that we have learned from our Perth vacation last year. C love to revisit the photos, and it seems that she remembers them.

Besides revising the photos and videos countless of times, we also read about the farm before and after our visits. I had a free afternoon out and decided to grab some books from the library for C for our upcoming farm visits then. I was pretty pleased with the selections that the library offers and spotted some new publications as well. Here are the 7 books on farms that I borrowed and I’m sharing with you 5 of which that I/we enjoyed:

1. 开心农场 by 克吕格 (translated by 王晓芳)
I was glad to be able to find 2 Chinese on farms at the library. I try to find books in both languages so that we can try to have a balance in language. This is a lift-the-flap book, which leads you through the day of a farmer’s life as he feed the chicken, harvest the wheat, pick the apples, milk the cow, fix his tractor and collect the eggs. It ends off with 2 pages of pictures of things you can find in the farm to build on the vocabulary. Each page is accompanied by a simple one line text that are easy to follow.

2. If You See A Cow: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Richard Powel
This is another lift-the-flap book that you use to learn about animals and sounds they make. I particularly enjoy the repetition in text “if you see a…say…” which makes it easier for C to follow and anticipate the story line. Colours are bold, illustrations are cute! This is C’s favourite among all the books that we borrowed.

3. Farm Animals Clever Babies Love Art
A very simply picture book that introduces farm animals, the illustrations are in hi-contrast black and and white with an eye-catching pop of colour.

4. A Farmer’s Life for Me by Jan Dobbins
This beautiful book by Barefoot Books, takes you through a virtual tour around the farm of a farmer’s typical day. It began with milking the cows, collecting the eggs at the henhouse, picking red cherries at the orchard, visiting the pig at the pigsty, collecting the hay at the meadow, counting the lambs and sheep on the hillside, refilling the water for the horses and bake a cake a the farmhouse! It ends off with 2 pages of information of The Working Farm: the possible products and produces from a farm. The illustrations are absolutely beautifully, drawn in acrylic and gouache. For those who are able to read a music score, there is a song “A Farmer’s lIfe for Me” provided at the very last page which you can learn and sing together with your little humans.

5. Go, Little Green Truck! by Roni Schotter
I was certainly pleased to find a  relatively new publication (2016) at the library. This book is about how a reliable little green truck was replaced by a bigger, better and newer blue truck. Eventually, Little Green was left in the meadow. It was later discovered by the farmer’s daughter, refurbished and given a new life again. Now both the Little Green and the Big Blue play their own roles in the farm, which makes Little Green a happy and proud as a pickup could be! What we enjoy is that the books talks a little about the feelings of little green truck as he goes through the phase being abandoned. It also highlights a little about seasonal produce. There are certainly many topics of discussions (farm, sustainability, seasons, abandonment, etc etc) if C were a little older. We see ourselves revisiting this book again in the future.

Besides these 7 that I borrowed, there are 2 other titles that we didn’t get to borrow but would love to read:

TouchThink71bcoqtyhplLearn: Farm by Xavier Deneux
I was really captivated by the illustrations. It’s clean, it’s cute and whimsical. Yes, very French I must say. According to descriptions that I find online, this book features “spreads each raised shaped objects that fit into scooped cutouts on their opposite page, which offers the youngest learners an irresistible opportunity to explore their universe in a hands-on, multi-sensory way…There are also clusters of related words on each spread offer parents and children a springboard for further conversations to encourage the language skills”.


Farm Animals (Slide-&-Play) by Xavier Deneux51x1btfxi0l
This book features 8 slide and play puzzles of farm animals. There’s nothing that beats learning (or reading) through play right?


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