WeRead Wednesday: Off to the library (#4)

Allie’s taking a first flight in 5 days, and it’s going to be a 13 hour nonstop flight to London! There’s much to worry about but let’s put all those scary horror mama thoughts away for a moment, and concentrate on books.

Inhale. Exhale. Aaah. I feel better already.

I was going to the library to return some books that were due while we’re away, and I specifically told myself “We’re just here to return, no borrowing.” Because there simply wasn’t much time for reading when there’s 101 things to prepare before the trip. But just as the final book went into the automated book drop, my heart and feet decided to take control and before I knew it, I was flipping pages and picking out books for Allie. Magic! *wink* But look, 3 beautiful travel/flight related books. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. 😉

宝宝认识形孔书: 交通工具

This one’s from one of my favourite Chinese young children picture book series.

Pretty die-cuts, introduces colour, sounds and vehicles. Simple to read and easy enough for baby to follow. She likes to run the fingers along the die-cut shape and use it to flip and page front and back.Older children can try guessing the vehicles before turning to page to reveal the answer. You can see another book from this series here. I’ll definitely recommend all parents to pick out this book and borrow it at least once. It’s fun.

I Explore The Airport, by Dr Mike Goldsmith

This one is self-explanatory. Flip the pages and explore the different parts of the airport. Children get to learn how things look like and what they are called, which may be especially helpful prior their first flight, and their first security check experience (I imagine some kids might freak out at the scary metal defector they have to walk pass!) Allie’s a little young for this, but I figured flipping not through some of these pages won’t do her any harm. Will recommend this on to kids above 3.

Katie Takes a Plane, by Liesbet Slegers

This brightly illustrated book was originally written in Dutch on 2015 and translated to English just earlier this year. I fell in love with the drawings at first sight. It’s simple, and replicates almost what kids would draw using poster paints. Similar to Dick Bruna’s books, this book has a page of text followed by a page of picture. Maybe it’s a Dutch thing? Hm..

Anyway, the book tells a simple story of Katie’s experience packing, going to the airport, up the plane, experiencing the queasy tummy & popping ears, being served a meal, and landing safely at her destination. It’s definitley a good book to read and prepare children before a flight. The text is probably suitable for children above 2. Allie and I enjoyed looking at the pictures as I describe them to her. I wish I can draw simply and beautifully like that!

And there you have it, the three travel/flight related books I picked out in 15 minutes in the library (was tight for time that afternoon), for my 7+mo prior a trip. Hope you like them! 🙂


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