Letter C

After Letter M, I decided to move to C because C’s name start with C. The order of the alphabets didn’t matter anyway. For Letter C, I put together  a discovery Cupboard box (the box was used to contain her favourite Cupcakes). In that box, we have cows, camel, cockerel (chicken), crab, cars, carnation, camellia, cotton balls, chilli, cake, crêpe, cupcake, and carrot. So many things that start with C! I have also included three books ‘Little Cloud’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (doesn’t help that both books are written by Eric Carle), and ‘I Love Chocolate’ by Davide Cali for our bedtime read.

These two had to be on the chair.


We played with Cars, and daddy drew some roads out of a cupboard base from a furniture we bought.

The husband happened to buy a pair of corns from the market and C played with it before we made some corn fritters. I will be sharing another recipe of eating Letter C.





We also read about Coco Chanel, ate chocolate mousse and crab bee hoon!

The discovery box was set up to encourage some open-ended play. It was one of her few attempts at pretend play: the farm animals on the chair overlooking the little town, with crabs and flowers all around. I wanted to snap some shots of C playing along but she kept saying ‘no phone. keep keep’, and so I did. C has been requesting for me to keep my phone when I wanted to catch her in action these days. I am guilty to snapping away each time she plays or reads but it’s such a lovely reminder from my own daughter to cherish and enjoy our time together.

Besides the items in the discovery box, we also make it a point to highlight other things that starts with C: cup, cut (her favourite cutting toy), cover, cap, close, comb, cream, cheese etc. You get the point. A very simple learning through play activity. Similar to Letter M, we followed up this learning through play with a simple craft based on Little Cloud and made a carrot smoothie, which will be up next!


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