Art and Crafts

Xiao Bai Cai Stamp Printing

Xiao Bai Cai Stamp Printing is a little project that I have been wanting to do with C since a long time ago, when I discovered that its cut off stem looks very much like a rose!

I saved the stalk ends, and used crayola easy wash paints for the stamping project. Since we painted with warm colours with lemons the other time, I decided to use the cooler shades of blue and purple this time. The texture of crayola paint is a little viscous, I mixed it with some water to water it down so that I can use less paint for more


For the stamping to work, the surface of the stalk has to be a clean cut and smooth. If not the bumps wouldn’t allow you to pick up and transfer the paint. And here are C’s masterpieces which I really love!


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