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A Little Cloud Craft Kit

We are learning the Letter C  and I included Little Cloud by Eric Carle as part of our bedtime read these 2 weeks.

I love that the story is simple and words are easy to follow. The illustrations allow young readers to learn about the different shapes and objects. For older readers, it provides a simple introduction to the concept of clouds, rain and water cycle. There are also plenty of follow up activities and craft ideas based on the book.

For us, the book gives us a perfect excuse to go outdoors on a cloudy day to watch the clouds and stretch our imagination a little.

While we planned for an evening picnic at the park, I thought we could engage in some quieter activities outdoors besides running around and eating. I packed the book, and a simple craft kit into our picnic basket. During the picnic, we read the book, watched the clouds and make our own little and giant clouds. We also taught her the concept of size: big and small. Lots of fun learning outdoors! Since then, C has been going “cloud cloud cloud” each time we head out.

To make your own little cloud craft kit, you will need:

  • Coloured paper in shades(s) of blue
  • Cotton balls (cotton wool will work as well)
  • White glue
  • Colour pencil (or crayon)
  1.  Using the colour pencil, draw the outline of a small cloud and a big cloud on the blue coloured paper. you can also write down the words “little cloud”, “giant cloud”, “big”, “small” etc beneath the respective clouds.
  2. Spread the glue within the cloud outline.
  3. Make your own clouds by sticking the cotton balls onto the coloured paper.


What I like about the cotton balls from Daiso is that it comes with a pincer which you can also use to let your child practise some motor skill. However cotton balls do come in larger amounts at a lower price at most cosmetic shops/supermarkets.



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