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M for Moon: A Paper Plate Craft


We went moon watching last Winter Solstice and it has been one of C’s favourite activity whenever we are out at night: look for the moon. One of her favourite things to spot in her books too. She even thought the round light in our bedroom is the moon. So for Letter M, how can we not make a moon?

Well we aren’t exactly making a moon, but painting with moon paint. There are generally two versions: white paint mixed with flour or shaving cream with white glue. I went with the shaving cream because I ran out of white paint.


To make moon paint, you will need:


  • 1 part shaving cream
  • 1 part white glue
  • Black or blue food colouring (paint would work as well) – optional

1. Pour the glue into a mixing bowl.

2. Gently fold in the shaving cream, like you would for beaten egg whites. 

3. Because I wanted uneven colouring for the moon, I added a toothpick of colouring on the mat and see how it ended up being mixed.

Simple as that! You don’t need a lot of shaving cream/glue for the paint. I used about 1/4 cup of glue for 4 moons, with some leftovers. For the moon painting, I gathered a few paper plates and a sponge brush for C to paint. We brought out moon painting activity out to the corridors to enjoy some cool air on a rainy morning. Now that the haze is back and we are foreseeing staying indoors a little more, this moon-painting (aka puffy paint) makes a very fun activity to do!

Half way through, C figured that it’s more fun to use her hands!
Here’s 4 moons that we made:IMG_8373

C couldn’t wait for her moons to dry.


Tadah! Our moons after leaving it to dry for a day! The colour started to appear after it dried. This moon paint is pretty interesting, even the husband and I were very fascinated by the textures created, very spongy to touch, and look  A LOT like the moon.

We are saving the moons for some crafting for Mid Autumn Festival, coming up on 15th September when the moon is often the largest and brightest!




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