WeRead Wednesdays: 好想吃榴莲

Previously, I shared about good Chinese titles and promised to share good original titles if I come across any. I am going to do just that in this post. Today’s WeRead Wednesdays features an original title which we have been reading for Letter D: <<好想吃榴莲>>, written and illustrated by 刘旭恭. 

It is a witty and humorous story, which we feel, resonates with all Singaporeans. It tells the story of a mouse’s out of the blue craving for durian. YES DURIAN!! He has never had one and went on an adventure asking around his animal friends, finally plucked up his courage to buy and try (and share with his friends of course). This book always make me crave for durian each time we read it.  Becasue little humans read with pictures before text, we particularly enjoy the simple and adorable water colour illustrations!

This book makes a great prelude to trying Durian for little humans. We have been reading it for a couple of nights. Then came one evening when C spotted a durian stall opposite the coffee shop where we were having dinner. When Daddy asked if she would want some, she said “love durian!” So off we go! 

We also love that this story delivers the message of inquiry learning with such a simple plot. Inquiry learning often stems from a thought or a desire or a want/need to know, goes through a chain of information collection before drawing a conclusion or finding an answer.

Here’s the good news: Messy Fingers has kindly sponsored 2 Flavours of Home Dough Kits, for a giveaway to 2 of our readers.

This limited edition dough kit features this very book and is filled with scents that remind us of what else, but the food flavours of Singapore! Head over to our giveaway post on Instagram for full details! Don’t say we bojio :p



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