Frozen yoghurt paint

(I don’t know what too me so long to post this! This activity was done about 2 months back, with my then 7mo.)

I saw this activity on Pinterest and I thought I had to give it a try, especially now that Allie has tried yoghurt and liked it.

The activity seem simple enough: Colour some yoghurt with food colouring, freeze them with ice cream sticks stuck in them (I’ve reused those I got from eating mini Magnum ice creams. The sticks are shorter and thicker, and seems somewhat safer for a baby who might put the wrong end into her mouth.)

I decided on red and yellow so Allie can have some fun mixing and creating a secondary colour. But feel free to colour your yoghurt whatever colour you prefer.

Let the yoghurt freeze up, clear the high chair’s table, undress the baby and let your baby do the discovering! PS: things will get messy, so be prepared to hose down the table attachment, and maybe bathe your child.

Here’s some (ok, maybe too many) shots I took of Allie as she took time to explore, look, taste and paint while I tried very hard to not intervene. Heh.

Ooh sticks!

Ooh cold…

Oooh… Yummy!

As always, everything goes into the mouth for a taste test first!

It took a while for the yoghurt to melt and for this curious 7mo to realise she can play with the melted bits on the tray table. 

She found the source of her “paint”!

The aftermath: 15-20min in. The baby was taken straight for a bath and the high chair parts dismantled for a good hose down. I’m glad I insisted on removing the seat covers and belts before starting the activity!
Will I try this activity again? Yes, in a couple more months, to see if she observes and does things differently. Or if I’ve leftover yoghurt in the fridge! Messy activity, but fun! Maybe I’ll try different colours next time.


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