Letter D

Hello and we are back! We haven’t stopped learning about the alphabets but are just a little more preoccupied with doing up our new place (yes we collected our keys a couple of weeks ago!). If you have been following us on Instagram, you would have a sneak preview of what we have been working on Letter D the past fortnight. I am also reorganizing how I would like to share these learning activities with you. Previously, the blogposts are presented after we completed each letter. For Letter D onwards, I would be sharing the individual activities on Instagram and writing a more detailed summary post with some of my thoughts in a blogpost here. I am still figuring out what and how I would like to share along the way. Join us as we learn about the alphabet over on Instagram too!

For our next letter, Letter D, I tried to keep things simple by using materials and toys that we already have, and books from the library (I wouldn’t want to be buying more and move to the new place at the point). We put up a Dessert game, Dolphin lacing and we read about Dogs and Durian. We also Danced together to our Spotify playlist or whatever music the radio was playing!

Dessert and Dolphins were her main learning activities, which I presented as an invitation to play. 

The dessert figurines are erasers that I got from Art Friend. While I planned to present them as it is and see what else C comes up with, Daddy (yup D for Daddy) created with a dessert game. Rules are simple: C empties the bag of dessert erasers, distributes the trays, and we take turns to select the desserts and pretend to eat them up. I also highlighted some desserts that begin with the Letter D: doughnut and dorayaki. C really loves this game. I love it too! C gets to play, learns to take turns and about Letter D! 

Dolphin lacing was from the activity kit that I made for our trip to Perth last December. I printed the template from here, laminated it and use a hole puncher to punch out the holes. Plastic needle and yarn are purchased from Elsie, a craft store in Ang Mo Kio Central. C wasn’t interested in the lacing activity. All she wanted to do was to remove the thread from the needle (ha!). I shall try again the next time.

I paired up the lacing activity with a simple puzzle card. She loves the puzzle on the contrary! I even found her working on it quietly during one of the mornings when she woke up earlier than us.


We also visited mama’s first dog friend. She is a dog friend because she helped mama overcome her fear of dogs 😅 



No special crafting or recipes for D (you can try our dragonfruit smoothie, which is one of my favourite concoction), except for eating durians. Quite a sensory experience: feeling, eating and smelling it!

Because we have started to pack for the move, C’s stuff are mostly concentrated at her then activity corner, while her invitation to play are set up on her new table (scored them at IKEA’s AS-IS) on a rotation basis. I really can’t wait to move, so that we can do up a Pinterest worthy more inviting and organized activity-play-learn area for both the little humans. Can’t wait!


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