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Painting with a baby

Teacher’s day. A day I used to look forward to when I was still teaching. A day you get too many cookies, cupcakes, red pens and an abundance of cards, photos and hugs. A day set aside to publicly thank the teachers for everything they’ve done. Teaching is mostly a thankless job… Except on this day.

So a day before teacher’s day, I decide it’ll be nice if Allie could “make” something for the hubs, who’s a teacher. So out came the poster paints and the drawing block. It starts simple enough: Cut the drawing block to size, to fit into the ziplock bag. Stuff the paper in, squirt a drops of paint all over the paper, snap the ziplock close. Find a nice spot in the house, and tape all four sides of the ziplock to the floor. There, done.
Now, let baby take over as you marvel at his/her quietly.

“Ooh what’s this?”

All hands and feet on deck!

Smashing the paint dots around. She needed some help to smother them around. I showed her how and she followed suit after a while. It’ll be easier if I had more paint!

Stomp stomp stomp!

Why not sit on it too and use your bumbum too?

Sitting on art feels great.

“Ok mom I’ve had enough”. Five minutes. That’s all the time she could spare me on this little art project, before hurrying off to disturb the dog. Tsk.

Here’s how it looks! I thought it looked great! But… It turned out half as impressive after I removed the paper from the ziplock bag. Because…

The paint got stuck on the bag!

What a waste of colours! 😦

And I’ve learnt too that drawing blocks aren’t sturdy and strong enough for such activities.. Some of the paint peeled off and I was left with some bald patches on the paper. Boo.

Can you see the bald patches?
So instead of a regular-shaped card, I had to get creative. I cut the paper into a heart shape once it dried, and drew a note behind.

There. Allie’s first card to dad dad, looking kinda presentable. Heh.

Happy Teacher’s day!


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