P for Puzzle

As part of the learning activities for Letter P, I included 3 puzzles of animals that start with Letter P: pig, penguin and polar bear. It was set up as an invitation to play, together with the sensory bin. She went for the sensory bin first, ignored the puzzle for 2 days before showing interest in them. These animal puzzles are part of jigsaw Flash Cards: Animals by Hinkler Building Blocks, which  was gifted to C on her second birthday.

Whenever C plays, the husband and I prefer to guide her through rather than tell her exactly what to do. We want to encourage her to explore, figure things out and develop problem solving skills. Of course, we’ll be there to help if she really needs. We thought puzzles might be a little challenging for C at 2yo but still decided to try it out because she shows interest in them. You can read more about the benefits of puzzles in early childhood here.

How did we facilitate puzzle play?
For a start, we begin with ONE puzzle and guide her to observe the grooves of the pieces. We started with 2 missing pieces for her to assemble, went on to 3 and finally allowing her to try fixing the 4-piece puzzle on her own.


After she managed that, we mixed up the pieces from 2 puzzles and asked C to picked out the pieces. From 2, we also move on to more to increase the difficulty. These puzzle pieces are doubled sided so we did worked with 6 puzzles at one go.


I like to present the materials for each activity on a tray of some sort. It makes the activity looks inviting and organized. If we were working on a few activities, C would put back the materials back in the tray once we are done or when she is ready to keep them. And if you are interested to find out where I got the tray from, it is a document tray from Daiso! Don’t say we never share 🙂 Currently I have 2 going on a rotation basis (the rest usually goes into a folder so these activities are very much portable), I am going to grab a couple more after we move!



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