P for Paris; P for Play-Dough

Besides the sensory bin and making pancakes (I’ll be sharing the recipe soon), this gotta be one of my favourite activities for Letter P. Because P for Paris! It has always been my dream to visit Paris and I did 4 years ago. It is now my dream to visit again with the husband and the little humans one day.

We have been reading Paris: A Book of Shapes for a while (I would highly recommend this series of books from Hello, World as one of the first books for your little humans) and it’s only recently that C is able to recognise shapes from around her. 

For this play dough invitation to play, I put together a really simple kit that includes 2 doughs in shades of purples, Paris: A Book of Shapes, 1 acrylic eiffel tower for Paris, 1 letter P cutter, and little figurines from her sensory bin (pineapple, peach, panda and penguin). 

We printed various shapes using the figurines. C was particularly impressed by the Eiffel tower, pineapple and Letter P.


We also attempt to mould various shapes on/from the book. Board book as a play dough mat! 


Half way through, C went to take her little knife from her fruits&vegs cutting set to cut the dough and pineapple. 


I also packed this kit into an A4 folder as a portable activity kit, making learning on the go!


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