P for Paper Plate Number Wheel

C has been able to count to 10 rather successfully in both English and Mandarin so I thought it’s time to guide her through recognizing numbers. This activity is inspired by Fynn from happytotshelf, who made a lovely hamster wheel (check out her account if you haven’t!) I happened to find some paper plates while clearing my art and craft supplies stash (yes i’m such a hoarder), so a perfect craft it is! Since we are lacking in a math activity for Letter P, I decided to make a paper plate number wheel.

To make a paper plate number wheel, you will need:

  • 1 paper plate
  • arrow cut out from cardstock
  • markers
  • butterfly pin
  • scissors


  1. Use the markers to write out the numbers along the rim of the paper plate. I am using the reverse side of the paper plate so that the portion where I am going to attach the arrow is slightly raised.

2. Attach the arrow to the center of the paper plate with the pin. You may need to use a pair of scissors or something sharp(er) to puncture a hole in the arrow and the paper plate.

3. Open up the butterfly pin.

4. Voila! 


I love this number wheel.We used it in both ways, for C to ‘spin’ and recognize the number and for her to ‘spin’ to a number that I called out. In fact this wheel is so versatile that it can also be applied to other concepts.


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