Traveling with a 16-Month-Old Toddler: On Road Tripping 

This holiday is vastly different from Japan in June. In Japan, we travelled mainly by public transport, focusing on 2 cities. Traveling around does not exceed 1hr on the average. She naps in the morning on the way to our first destination. This time round we are actually traveling from towns to towns, with each leg for at least 2hours in a car. While doing my research on road tripping with a toddler, I found plenty of examples on road trips that requires driving for long hours, from state to state in the USA. However this particular trip in the South-West Australia was separated into 5 parts. We started in Fremantle, drove down to Margaret River, southwards to Denmark, back up to Balingup and back to Perth. Each leg of the journey requires us to spend about 3-4hrs on the road. We made it a point to be on the road for a maximum of 2hr before we take a break at the pitstop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.04.32 pm

Traveling in a car is not something new to our little friend but being a 16 month old toddler it is impossible to keep still in a car as we journey along (of course we are not expecting her to). I anticipated that our little friend might have to be kept occupied or be entertained at some point. 

Here are some tips that worked for us:
1. Set off during her morning nap time
Because the sun rises early during summer in Australia, our little friend wakes up early as well, say betwren 0630-0730. Since most attractions don’t open till 10am and we usually have breakfast at the accommodation, we usually set off around 9 or 10. She would take her nap in the car when we are traveling from town to town or already have her morning nap before we set off to visit the various places. Then again it might also risk the fact that your toddler might not sleep. Some sleep is better than no sleep, which saves you some time to entertain a curious toddler on board.

We are thankful for times like this!

2. Take breaks
for lunch, toilet breaks or just for the little one to expand some energy.

3. Entertainment Kit
We also armed ourselves with an arsenal of entertainment activities. We don’t make it a point to whip these out all the time. If our little friend is enjoying herself watching the world go by, we leave her as it is to spend me-time with herself. The entertainment kit serves more like a distracter for times she gets bored or restless. We have:

Pre-downloaded children hymns and music on Spotify
These are the ones that have worked in Singapore all the time. Moreover she responds to music so it keeps her entertained for some time.

She brought some of her favourites. Whether she prefers us reading to her or just flipping the pages.

We have baby biscuits from home and dried fruits from the local supermarket.


Play wallet
She has taken a passion in emptying our wallet so we figured she might be interested to have a wallet of her own. I used an old wallet of mine and slot in random old cards.

Activity Kit inspired by Mamapapabubba
Prior to the trip, we got a little crafty and prepared this little activity kit for our little friend. It kept her occupied for a good 15-30 minutes while traveling. I will be sharing more of this in a separate post.

A magnetic puzzle of Australian animals


A felt board
An impromptu sensory bag with items we picked up along the way/at the backyard


I will be sharing on accommodation and food next. The rest of the series can be found here:

Traveling with a 16-Month-Old Toddler: On Itinerary


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