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Letter A: Apple and Alphabet

So for Letter A, we are big on activities that requires minimal preparation. As minimal as possible because we are preparing for the move! Most of our time for the past 3 weeks are spent on sourcing for lightings, fans, deciding on paint colours,overseeing paint job, electric works, carpentry works ETC ETC. We have also started to pack up the study so printing and laminating is a little too much work for now. On top of indoor activities, we also brought our learning outdoors and went out a little more often to take a breather. I finally decided on the following for learning about Letter A: animals, airport, aeroplanes, apple, and ants.

It wasn’t intentional but the learning activities were somewhat themed for each week. For Week 1, we had apple and alphabet. Here’s our invitation to play:

Everyone knows A for apple. It’s kind of obligatory  though I must say I am a little sick of A for apple. Since C is able to recite and recognize some numbers, I decided to include a math and counting activity for Letter A. This activity is based on Dr Seuss’s Ten Apples Up on Top!, to which I made an apple scented play dough. I also unearthed an apple play dough mat that I printed and laminated some time back, which comes in handy for some numeral literacy. Check out our decadent apple recipes for babies and toddlers (purée yes, but think an icy cold snack/dessert).

Apparently, the lower case alphabet wooden toy that I set is not inviting enough. All C did was to stamp the lowercase “a” on the play dough all week. I changed my game plan and brought it outdoors (read: out to the corridor). I laid an old floor mat, added some dyed rice and threw in the wooden alphabet. C dashed right to the bin after I poured them in. I sportcasted every letter she picked up and for some reasons, that prompted her to break into the alphabet song! A sensory bin works all the time!


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