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Watercress honey drink

First things first- I’m not a fan of watercress. My bias view against this semi aquatic plant was probably rooted by my mom’s Chinese watercress soup. Which… isn’t my favourite soup. Chewing through the watercress isn’t my favourite activity and thus I’ve pretty much gave this vegetable the cold shoulder every time I see it along the vegetable aisle of the supermarket. But I made a trip to a big supermarket the other day and found a fresh bunch of watercress staring at me. Like seriously. It was there, green and healthy, beckoning me to give it a second chance.

 I don’t like watercress, but I’m a person of second chances… vegetables included. So in it went into my shopping cart.

When I was home emptying the bags of groceries, we met again. Eeeks. Now what am I supposed to do with it? Thank the Lord for Google! I came across the words “watercress… Honey… boil… sweet iced drink.” And thought, okay, this shall be it.

Curiousity got me to google a little further. I mean why would people want to buy and eat this thing. This.. chewy short bitter plant that leaves an odd after taste? And there there. Within seconds, I was presented with a list of health benefits it provides, ranging from anti-anemic properties (aids in iron absopbtion), high amounts of vitamin C, good amount of antioxidants, good for cough and cold (contains sulfur glycosides, which has expectorant effect and can be handy in treating bronchitis), aids digestion… and suddenly, hey maybe this plant isn’t that bad after all!

Alright. Now down to making it. It’s simple enough. Wash and chop the watercress into half. Boil 1L of water and add in the watercress. Let it come to a boil, then turn the fire down to a simmer. Cover on the lid and let it do its magic in 50min. When time is up, remove the watercress (eeeks. That smell. Now I’m reminded of why I don’t like it. Bleah.) and add some good honey in, as needed. Add some rock sugar too if you like. (I added a mix as adding honey alone will probably over any reminding taste of watercress completely. Then again, maybe it isn’t a bad idea. Haha.)

Verdict: Okay, I can accept watercress (and its goodness) in this form. It makes a good iced drink for guests over dinner. I poured a glass of it for the hubs and he said “This is the best watercress-anything I’ve ever had.” Clearly, I married a man who shares the same suspicion towards this green creature.

Now you try!


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