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Going To School

It has been a month since C started school and I’m so thankful that she has adjusted well. No more crying at drop offs but a kiss, a big hug and ‘see you later mama!’. She also enjoys school, tells me about her day when she feels like it and I know she is well loved. Due to the nature of both our jobs, C is the one of the first child to reach her school (yes at 7am). Maybe having the playground all to herself helps to make school exciting for her. I’ve got friends who asked about the entire process of prepping C for school and how she is adapting so I thought I can share with you all you here. I am not a pro in this area, and it could be C’s character to be a little more sociable and adaptable. These are what works for us.

#1 Do not make a big deal out of it
I know going to school can a big deal/milestone for many (you know, that your little human is all grown up and going to school) but do not make a big deal out of it. I was probably more anxious and nervous than C, but a friend of mine reminded me that C could probably feel my anxiety as well. That could affect C’s perception of school. Instead make school sound FUN!

#2 Read about going to school
I didn’t want to over-prepare C (read #1) but at the same time, I would like to brief C what she can expect in school. Here are the titles that we read, which I will share a little more in the next post.

#3 Say a proper goodbye and…
It is always heart wrench at goodbyes. They cry as if you abandoned them and wouldn’t see you forever again. It happens. The school encourages us to say a proper goodbye and hand them over to the teacher(s). C’s teacher always feedback that she didn’t take long to settle down and get over it so we know she is okay. I really appreciate feedback from her teachers every day! DO NOT, and NEVER sneak away.

#4 …tell her when you will be back
For the first two weeks, we always tell C when we will be there to pick her. Because little humans do not have a good concept of time YET, we use her class schedule as a reference. For example, we’ll be there after you wake up from nap, or snack. Be specific and never be late. We try to pick her up a little earlier during the holidays while she is still easing into the routine.

#5 Little treats for braving a whole day/week of school
Going to school and being away from you is a big deal to them. And to survive and brave through an entire day of school is really a big achievement for them (at the start). We had waffles, babycinno, went for bike rides with daddy, visited the Animal Resort on various days etc. We are still doing the weekly treats, usually on Fridays or the weekends.
Going to school is a great lesson for us in parenting. We learned that as parents, our role is to help our little humans to learn and deal with these new experiences. Be there for them, be their pillar of support while providing the time and space as they learn to adapt.



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