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Chinese New Year Sensory Bin

After so many rounds of different activities that I tried out the past months, I figured that sensory bins, play dough kits, and tinker trays work best for us. These are the activities that require minimal set up and can be revisited again and again and again. It also allow open-ended free play which suits C a little more. Those sit-down one off activities aren’t really her type. So here’s our CNY theme sensory bin that I put together after much procrastination and a trip to the CNY bazaar at Chinatown.

It also happens that we had a gathering with friends (and our little humans)and that was that little push that I needed to get the engine going. This bin uses rice as the base (rice signifies wealth and luck) and assorted CNY trinkets and flowers. I also threw in little containers in CNY colours. This gotta be one of my personal favourite bins so far!


C had a preview of the sensory bin the morning before we went to pick our friends over.

Three little humans in action! It was interesting to see how 3 of them gather around the bin automatically and are engaged for a good 30-40mins. Yay to proper adult conversations and catching up! They took a break when cakes were served, moved on to other toys and came back to revisit for a short while again.

C revisited the bin again the following day. This was her exploring sounds made by the peanut and abacus.

Sensory bin was what got me started in this whole sensory-open ended-learning through play notion. We will be exploring more of this in the coming weeks!


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