Orange week

Phew. I’m finally getting down to this post and putting all the orange related activities together! So after a week of red, we moved on to orange. I know some activities are here to stay, but I really wanted to come up with some new ones too for each colour.

We started off on orange with the good o discovery bin. A carrot car with a bunny driver (an old IKEA toy), parts and blocks from different toys, orange feeding spoons, a water balloon, a tupperware cover, pipe cleaners, bath toy and even a orange covered board book that’s on Allie’s reading shelf.

Again, Allie was all excited when she saw the bin and drives straight into trying to take everything out. At 14mo she tries to make connection with items. So when a mishmash of her familiar items are thrown into a bin like this, they somewhat become unfamiliar again and she’s forced to try make meaning of the bin and find patterns/similarities between the items in it.

Allie began her clinging, “I can’t do this without you, mom” phase just about the start of orange week. So she couldn’t sit and explore the bin on her own. She kept passing me items from the bin, and later taking them away from me again. While my presence reassures her, I feel it hinders her from fully benefiting and getting more “aha!” moments. Here’s a moment when she couldn’t decide which circle to put the orange bottle cap in. She kept transferring it from A to B, until she found another bottle cap in the bin. It’s interesting how little things like that stimulate her brain. I enjoyed watching her think.

We read the orange board book, which teaches different parts of her face- The eyes, nose, ears and mouth; which she can now point to when you ask her to.  Oh that grumpy face is completely her dad’s. 😉

Colour immersion = take out everything that’s orange! So out comes the orange bowl and the orange spoon for breakfast! Too bad we misplaced our orange bib.

Orange is a colour but it’s also a fruit! I found it a little confusing to teach especially when I handed her an orange. She touched it, rolled it, then sank her teeth into it.

I then peeled some peel off and see what she would do with them. Will she try peeling the rest of it off?


Peels look too yummy, mommy. But they don’t taste very good…

Ah now we’re talking.

This was Allie’s first taste of orange, and I’m glad she enjoyed it!


Maybe even a bit too much. She chomped through 1/2 an orange in one sitting.
I bloomed some orange water beads, filled them in a ziplock bag and taped it down to the floor.

O for Orange.

Again, I chose the spot near our front door for this activity so she can give the bag a few more extra stomps and pats every time we’re getting ready to leave the house. This bag was left there for 5 days and she kept returning to it everything I say “stomp stomp stomp”.

Maybe next week I’ll say “squish squish squish” instead.

Next up, a paint activity. I carried it a little from my usual plain O squish-the-paint-in-a-ziplock-bag, and doodled on both sides of the bag. And orange with circles on one side, and a carrot with triangles on the other. I love doodling with a sharpie.

Next we add a few squirts of orange paint into the bag, and let the little hands do the job!

Tadah~ An orange carrot!

And an orange orange.

Last but possibly the most loved activity, was the orange-themed water play. I froze some orange peels and some tiny segments of orange into large ice cubes, and added them into a tub with all things orange.

Is it hot or is it cold? Allie was quick to realize she can’t hold on to the ice cube for too long before feeling the freeze pains.

When the ice has melted a little more, she started pulling the orange peel out. Oh did I mention, this has to our best smelling water play ever!

Why stop at hands? Pop those tiny feet in! (Allie actually tried entering the bin like she would her bath tub. It was hilarious.) Lots of scooping, splashing, taking things out, putting things back; this simple set up kept her very entertained for 25min.

Ooh! Orange segments! I can eat that!

“What’s this crab doing here? Let me make it disappear.”



The aftermath.

Such water bins are great for young children and clean up is a breeze! Apart from the above activties, we read our colour books and focused more on orange.

Now I can’t wait to see what Yellow week will be like!


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