SW Australia Day 11-13: Perth City

And now for the final leg of our trip in Perth City! By this portion of the trip, we had re-planned our itinerary a little to make sure we covered what we set out for this trip. Initially we planned to spend some time with our friend, do our shopping in Perth (because they can bring us around) and visit the animals at Discovery Bay in Albany.  We still did spend time with our friends residing in Perth but visited the Caversham Wildlife Park instead, since we have already maxed out our shopping space in Albany.

Day 11: Donnybrook and back to Perth

On our way back from Balingup, we dropped by the Donnybrook Apple Fun Park, the largest free entry playground in Australia. The space is incredibly large, with a low ride on areas for the younger children and climbing towers, rope bridges and such for the older kids. Toilets with wash area is also available so it makes cleaning up after playing at the sandpit a lot easier.

Once we reached Perth, we checked in to our apartment and planned the rest of the trip. Though our accommodation is located in South Perth, it is very accessible as it is near the highway which brings you to both North Perth and Fremantle. It also boasts of  an amazing view.

Since we drove all the way from Donnybrook to Perth, we took a short nap and went to King’s Park before heading to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. We explored the Saw Avenue part of the park which features an “innovative nature based play area with woodcarvings by local artist Nic Compton.”

For dinner at Jamie’s, it was a little disappointing. Truth to be told, food at Jamie’s wasn’t impressive other that what was served for the Children’s Menu.



Day 12: Caversham Wildlife Park, Fabric Shopping, King’s Park, Ciao Italia

We started the day bright and early, grabbed breakfast from Tuckshop and headed towards Caversham Wildlife Park first thing in the morning!


As a geography teacher, I particularly like the fact that the animals and grouped according to the various area of Australia so that visitors (like me) can have a better idea of the distribution of animals and some of the features of the habitats across Australia. One of our favourites is definitely the kangaroo enclosure where they are free to roam. There are also packets of food available for feeding. We are extremely proud that C is not afraid of these creatures (I remembered that I was so scared when I visited as a kid).

My favourite!

After the visit, we had lunch at before heading to the nearby pool for some water fun. For some reasons, the wash area wasn’t working so we had to give her a quick clean up in the toilet.

After a busy morning, C knocked out in the car and we went fabric shopping while she napped. I make it a point to make it a quick one.


Plan for the rest of the day was to meet our friends for dinner at Ciao Italia. Since we had some time to spare, we headed back to King’s Park. We definitely love the view, the space for C to run around.



Dinner at Ciao’s Italia was amazing! Portion is huge. Tiramisu is a must have. Sorry no photos because we were too hungry.

Day 13: Pack and Chill, More Shopping at Australia Post,  Home Sweet Home

We spent last night and the morning of our last day packing. Since the apartment had such a great view, we also enjoyed some morning sun along the South Perth Foreshore which was right in front of our accommodation.



Then we headed to Australia Post where we intended to mail out our post cards. Lo and behold, we were so distracted by the Christmas sales of books. They were selling at AUD 10 each at KMart (which was already a very good price) but now at AUD 16.99 for a bundle of 4! How can we not get more? We grabbed whatever titles that we like for C and friends.

This pretty much concludes our mini adventure in SW Australia and I hope it provides some useful information for those who are planning to visit Perth and surrounds with their little humans.
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