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A for Animals

It has been almost a year since we embark on regular home learning activities. If you haven’t, hop over to our instagram for regular updates of the activities that the blogner and I have been working on with our children.  It’s also about time I catch up in documenting these activities that we have worked on and played with. I have friends who asked about things we do with C when she was younger, however I realized it was quite difficult to search through the entire account for a particular theme unless they are hashtagged. So here’s the next instalment of what we did for Letter A.

Week 2 of our Letter A is all about animals. I set up an invitation to play with animals. In fact we made an impromptu trip to the Night Safari the weekend before we did Letter A. C was all excited to spot the animals in the dark!

I gathered C’s bag of eraser animals and animal flashcards for Animals. These animal puzzles are sooooo versatile! C enjoys dismantling them, putting them back and pretend play a little along the way. We also put up an animal show: identifying animals, animal sounds and/or the actions they make. They are also used as part of a matching game where we match the eraser animals to the animals on the flashcards. After working on some animals for Letter D and P, it’s time to bring out the rest of the animals.

We read about animals and their homes with Usborne’s Peep Inside 动物的家 (Animals’ Home). We also revised the alphabet and learned about animals with Almost an Animal Alphabet by Katie Viggers. It is almost an animal alphabet book because there are 1 extinct animal, 3 non-animals and 1 imaginary animal. The geographer geek in me also squeals in delight at the endpapers that shows a rough distribution of these animals across the world. One of the reasons why I really love this alphabet book is that it introduces the different types of some animals. B for Bear, and tells you that there’s sun bear, brown bear, polar bear etc. Same goes to dinos, monkeys, owls and penguins. I also particularly like the pages on E: E for Elephant. The differences between an Indian elephant and an African elephant are highlighted. Definitely a keep for animal lovers!

And because we were packing then for the move, we occupied C with lots of stickering activities. These stickers are from Daiso. Daddy doodle a context for C to paste her stickers on. They are all compiled in a sketch book.

For more playful Letter A activities:
Apple and Alphabet


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