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A for Airport, Aeroplanes

And finally the last instalment for Letter A: Airport and Aeroplanes We spent so long working on Letter A because I prepared an extensive resource pack with our toys and materials while the rest are all packed for the move. We brought learning out of home and went to the airport to watch aeroplanes fly by. Singaporeans are quite privileged to have such an awesome airport where we can shop, eat, learn and play.  Besides watching planes fly by, we talked about the activities that happen at the airport.

We watched the kinetic rain for quite a while, and talked about up and down, fast and slow.
She made herself right at home!


We also brought along our sticker book from Once Upon A Bookstore to the airport to bring learning come to life! I love this sticker book because it brings you through different segments of the airport. We decided to work on the page on the airport apron, which we have a clear view of at the viewing gallery. We observed and discussed: planes taking off, luggages being loaded and such. As I peeled off the huge aeroplane for C to stick on the page, she moved towards the viewing window, held up the sticker and explained, “飞机 so big! Same!” She is making relations, drawing patterns and I’m really loving this authentic learning experience!

This is our first stickering activity that requires C to place the object at the ‘correct place’, which is quite unlike the open ended ones that we did usually. It takes a lot of effort to hold myself back when C stick the limousine up in the air, or the wrong direction that the cars are facing! I took this opportunity to introduce C to logic pattern and direction.


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